04 December 2013

Autumn in the Midwest

Fall in the Midwest can be a glorious thing.  Full of color, cool + crisp mornings, sunset-colored leaves gliding to the ground, changing sunlight.  There's almost always an abundance of apple cider + pumpkins.  For the past three months, LB + I have tried to celebrate the place we live in part because we're not sure where we'll be living next, especially if I'm fortunate enough to get a university job teaching literature, composition + creative writing.  But for now, this autumn has been enough . . .

LB's silhouette at the MCA
The Daniel Clowes Exhibit
Evanston, the Day Before the Northwestern - Michigan Game
Driving from Chicago to Northern Michigan
Driving back to Chicago
LB + Me at the Traverse City Commons
The View from the Ground
Resting in the Leaves
TC Commons
LB Straddling a Stream
At Fia's Quinceañera.  I Mean, Wedding Ceremony.  I Mean, Sweet 16.  I Mean, Baby Shower
The Leaves in Northern Michigan
Another View of the TC Commons
The Sky Above
El Self-Portrait
Major Headache from the Light Bulb in our Bathroom
LB, Still Sleepy
Evanston at Night

My Article about Idiosyncratic Love Published in the Good Men Project

Sometimes, Love is a Strange Song Inside Your Head
In my first novel, BLANK, I introduce the concept of IB (or idiosyncratically beautiful).  Two characters, Suzzanne + her brother's girlfriend Ali, sit around a taquería in Seattle + realize that they don't love people for conventional (or rational) reasons, they love them for the random, sometimes eccentric qualities that are unique to that person, qualities that might be hangups, mistakes, foibles, or talents + abilities, but qualities that are both unique + special that make that person who s/he is.  Both girls realize it's those qualities, not the obvious, more dramatic ones, that often make them fall for someone.

So, with that brief intro, here's a tiny piece I wrote about IB.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you get a second, please leave a comment about the idiosyncratic things you love about your boo/partner/lover/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/secret crush.

13 October 2013

Running the 2013 Chicago Half Marathon

I'm a month late in posting this, but whatevs.  Life has been intervening as it usually does.  I've been revising BLANK again just because it's been feeling right to tighten things up on the sentence level, applying obsessively to tenure track jobs all across the country + also writing for the Good Men Project.  If you haven't read any of my articles/essays on masculinity, nerdom, marriage + male affection yet, you can read them here.  Anyway, last month LB + I ran the Chicago Half Marathon + it felt really good to improve on my time.  It's still not as fast as I'd like, but I'm making progress.  More importantly, every time I finish running a 1/2 marathon, I feel like a badass, which is a really important thing for a human being to feel, so there's that.  Mostly, running halfs are just a good way to stay motivated when I'm running + is all the reason I really need.

29 September 2013

The Dizzying Cycle of My Chicago Life

It's probably better to let this entry to be dizzying + cyclical instead of artificially sober + linear.  The truth is, when you live in a city + when you're knee-deep in a relationship, your life isn't one perfect trajectory.  It's a work of ricochet, a work of cyclicity, a work of non-linear scribbles on a transitory map that leads back to the beginning.  Better to present the past 4-5 months of Spring + Summer in the same dizzy narrative as the one I experienced.  This photo entry is a breathless child of energy: