24 February 2015

You Dim Sung, You Lose Some (I Know It's Fucking Cheesy but I Couldn't Resist)

This past week, LB and I bought our plane tickets and made our hotel reservations to go to Hong Kong for Spring Break.  I'm so fucking excited I could poop on myself.  Exciting pictures to come.  Stay tuned . . .

03 September 2014

An Epic Love Song for Chicago in Pictures

A lot has happened since my last post (which Youtube deleted along with every other non-commercial video, which is the lamest fucking thing I've ever heard of in my entire life), but I digress. Anyway, I got an awesome job teaching rhetoric, writing, and critical thinking at UC Irvine which I'm very thankful for. And just like that, twenty-six months in Chicago is coming quickly to an end. Since getting this job, it's been a countdown to get ready for the movers that come on the 28th. I take a two-day train from Chicago to LA on the 31st (fortunately, I got a sleeper car, so the ride should fairly comfortable). But I can't believe I'm saying goodbye to my sweet hometown of Chicago again. It seems like I'm always saying goodbye to this amazing city, which fills my heart with nostalgia and resignation and guilt and sadness and gratitude for all the things I did here and all the things that never happened here and all the things that happened once I left Chicago. I'll be back to visit my city many times in my life. But for now, this is my photographic love song for the Chi.

Drinking My First Iced Ginger Twist Green Tea
First Time Wearing a Short-Sleeved Shirt in the Spring
The Blurry Beauty of Streeterville
Dressed For My Bday Dinner
LB Looking Fucking Gorgeous on My Birthday
Birthday Sushi at Yuzu
Small Gifts from a Tiny Insect
Drinking Tea at Intelligentsia in Lakeview
Listening to a Mozart Piano Concerto at the CSO
Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go (Okay, Actually, We Went to the CSO)
Some Afternoon Tea at Julius Meinl
Biblethumpers Saving Us from Our Team's Curse
Considering the Rest of My Life at Coffee Studio
Walking down Michigan Avenue
Zoe Looking Fucking Adorable
High Tea at The Peninsula Hotel
Tea, Please Meet the Male Gaze
One of Our Delicious Plates from Our Vegan High Tea
LB Looking Crazy Radiant
The Tea Lobby
I Say, Dear Chap, This Tea is Quite Lovely
Revising My First Novel Outside in Lakeview
Random Pictures of Meat at the Addison El Stop
Chicago River
Gogo! Wuzzling with his Daddy
LB and I Kicking it at the Beach near Bryn Mawr
Zoe Looking Upset (in LB's Closet)
El Platform in Uptown
LB Posing in Front of the Bryn Mawr Mosaic
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Vegan Sandwich at Chicago Diner
Chicago River
Breathtaking View of Chicago's Cityscape
Marina Towers
El Tracks in Lakeview
Lasalle Bridge
Dragon Flies in Lakeview Park
Lake Michigan
LB and Me
Stunning View of My Beautiful City
Lincoln Park, at the Armitage El Station
Walking down Lake Michigan to Millenium Park
A Night of Nostalgia for Argentina
Art Deco Post Office in Evanston
4th of July Picnic in Evanston
Chicago Theater
LB's Bday Minicelebration at her Parent's House
Enjoying Her Nonvegan Cupcake (In All Fairness, She Didn't Know)
Opening up One of Her Bday Presents
Picnic at Millenium Park
Summer Clouds in Lakeview
Our Kitchen the Day Before We Started Packing
Our TV Room Before We Started Packing
Our Hallway Before the Move
My Office Before the Move
Some of My Publications and Fave Asian American Novels
Our Bedroom Before Our Move
I Saw This in One of the Shops in Andersonville.  Find the Grammatical Error
Delicious Vegan Korean Food at Amitabul
Vegan Cupcakes for LB's Bday
A Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles in Downtown Chicago
"Get Over Here, You Little Sweet Dream"
Zoe and Gogo! Relaxing in LB's Closet
And So It Begins . . .
Mommy, Are We Seriously Moving Again?
The Fam Coming Over for Zoe's 10th Bday
Notice Only LB is the Only One Still Wearing a Bday Hat
The Clusterfuck in Wicker Park Got Even More Ridiculous with Flashing LIghts
Por Favor, Papi!  Can we Stay?
My City
Driving Home
Packing Up Our Life
LB Looking Out the Window after We Moved Out
Sad We Moved out of Our Place in Rogers Park
Argo Tea in Connors Park
Playing Piano Outside
Best Damn Vegan Comfort Food in Chicago
The Stars are With Us
Last Night in Chicago Before I Left
Part of My Song
View from Our Hotel Room
Last Walk in Chicago Before I Moved
Walking from Breakfast at Karen's Cooked
On My 2-Day Train Ride from Chicago to LA