19 November 2006

The Asian Women in My Life

1. Christina Yu is driving me crazy and i don't think i can deal with her anymore. she's sent me 2 emails, and after i told her i'll erase any more emails of hers, she left me a voice message and sent me two text messages. she's crazy, and even worse, she's not even consistently crazy.

2. I decided to sign up for the graduate poetry workshop. and i'm kinda terrified cuz i haven't written a poem since the summer of 1999 and i have a sort of antagonistic relationship with poetry, largely because i feel like poetry wants me to be something i'm not. so this is going to be an amazing and intense challenge. it will also be nice to kick it with my peeps in their workshop for a change.

3. I can't wait until i'm done submitting my third manuscript for workshop AND when i've finished my fiction fellowships, because i'm spending a lot of time doing that instead of working on my thesis, and i wanna crank out this book, even if it's raw, ESPECIALLY if it's raw.

4. LS and i had a really great convo today and i like and respect her even more now. i learned alot about her life in Taiwan, her fiancé, her mind, her modesty and intelligence. i feel like we're really friends now.

5. I learned how to use a kanki dictionary for the first time today, and i'm really excited cuz i've always found them impossible to use. but it's all in the radicals.

6. Here's the poem i wanna get tattooed on my inner arm:


近 年
あなた 良い土 産はなかった。
ひとつの 言 葉。

Beautiful, ain't it?

Stay tuned next time for my translation, and, for the picture i want tattooed on my outer forearm. oh the anticipation is killing me jackson. i know, i know. soon.

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