29 November 2006

Chicago, I Love You with a Vengeance

This is a little late, but i had such a rad time with kpg, k and d in chicago. some of the reasons include:

1. It's my city. and i love it with a vengeance.

2. I had such good company, and even if we were exhausted, as in, deep-tissue exhausted, hey, it was for kicks, and man, it felt good to be in a city i know with peeps i adore.

3. I love the chicago diner and my faux philly steak sandwich was the sickest thing i've had all month

5. I had such a good time, i ate up #4.

6. We kicked it at the beach for a little while, and i love lake michigan. it centers me the way the pacific ocean does everytime i make it to socal.

7. After they left to go back to SoBe, i went on this odyssey to mitsuwa where i found out:

They don't have anime with english subtitles and:
All the anime are bootlegged anyway

And i bought:

A japanese hip-hop mag called "woofin'" which, of course, means absoloutely nothing in english, even though it's an english word. cf. ingrish.

Two manga, "one piece" and "psalms of planet eureka"

Kamaboko, miso soup mix, spicy nori, kabayaki

8. I bought ghost in the shell 2, which has such amazing graphics.

9. I saw my bro, and we kicked it at borders, talked at his apartment, he played guitar--really loudly in his empty place--then we had breakfast the next morning with sara and their friend megha, and had a cool convo.

10. I got my tattoo:

which is simple, but really beautiful i think. i've been getting mad compliments on it. and josh, my tattoo artists, and i bonded. he only charged me 80 bucks for the whole thing, which is crazy.

11. I saw the beach AGAIN with wick and his g/f sara.

12. My bro and i went to one of our fave cafes, dollop, in north lakewood/uptown and broke it all down. and the barista and i gave each other flirty looks, which is always nice, then we ate thai food at jitlada thai, only the best place for pad kee mao in like, the whole fucking world.

13. Even though i only had 40 minutes to make it from rogers park at the Loyola stop to lake street, somehow, i made it there with 3 minutes, and ran my ass off--the wrong way at first, hilarious--through the streets, down the station steps, through the hallway, and i JUST MADE IT, one second before it was about to take off, by tapping on the glass. i couldn't believe i made it.

So yo, that's a perfect two days in Chicago. sign me up kidz. i'd do that again anytime, even the running my ass off part.

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