04 November 2006

Good Saturday

Even though it's 8:37 pm saturday night, and i'm still in my sweats and wife-beater tank top and i haven't see a soul or brushed my teeth since last night, i'm feeling really good about things. here's some highlights:

1. i had a really awesome conversation with k about god last night until 4 in the morning, it felt like college, in a good way.

2. we watched "lost in translation," which is one of my fave movies of all time, and i got all stoked to go to japan, which inspired me to:

3. order a geisha online at mailordergeishasonline.com. just kidding. no, LIT inspired me to finish my JET application online and submit it, which i did. now, i just have to get two recommendations, write a little essay on why i wanna kick it in japan, and photcopy my grades, and then i'm done--with this stage of the application process.

4. the fruitflies are finally dying in my apartment. omshantiomshanti, little fruities!

5. k, little shoes, darin, kpg and i ate thai food--hella yum--then chilled at k's place, before ls and kpg ganged up on me and started a frosting fight. oh kpg, you looked so beautiful when you became a betty crocker ghost, covered in sweet, synthetic frosting. she looked so sad, indignant and shocked. it was sweet to see that side of her--no pun intended. i can't decide whether she thought i was weaker than i am, or whether she didn't expect retaliation for making a white hand print on MY SKULL . . some people. i guess she was banking on my non-violence platform--but kpg, it doesn't apply to desserts.

6. later i bonded with k's roomie. we even performed a terrible backstreet dance for k and ls that was nothing if not classic.

7. we beat north carolina today by 19 points, which, for some critics, isn't impressive enough. meanwhile, i'm wondering why noone finds it even less impressive that michigan beat BALL FUCKING STATE by 6 points or why ohio state beat the fighting illini by ONE TOUCHDOWN, a team that is just as bad as UNC. ah, why are there so many hatuhs? we're 8-1 bitches.

8. this mix i made on my iPod is fucking delicious. i'm loving like every spoonful.

9. i'm alive, healthy, happy and i'm writing. mashallah.

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