06 November 2006

I Wish I Was in Love

Today is just one of those days when i just wish i was madly in love. i am like so ready to spoon i'm ready to recast myself into stainless steel and jump into the silverware drawer, along with all the other forks and butter knives, japanese soup spoons and rubber spatulas. i feel like this t-shirt i saw once that said: i'm a hug waiting to happen. how cute is that shit? anyway, i can be super-masculine (just ask kpg after the frosting fight), but i'm in touch with my emotions and i believe all the studies that prove that human contact is healing and nurturing. yeah, gimme that.

Until then, a few thoughts i had:

Related to a recent submission, i wanna live in san francisco.

I wanna live in japan too, maybe date a fabulous urban 日本人 who wears platform sneakers, boas and sparkles on her face.

Workshop is too long and i think we should be allowed to take naps in our seats, or go to a vacant classroom and write poems about our life on the chalkboard.

We should slip meth to william's coffee so we can get out of class at 1:00pm.

I miss the west coast hardcore. it's mad beautiful there, the cafes are outside, the ocean breathes down your neck, and the sun is always close to you. and the honies there. . . xoder.

There are certain days where i feel like everyday i'm not with someone i love, or making love to her, is somehow a wasted day.

Also, i have mixed feelings about staying in the US next year. part of me wants to so i can write, fine tune my novel, begin my writing career, and another part of me wants to live abroad, kick it in an expat community, explore new worlds and new cities, and write as consolation.

Sometimes i like it when i feel like i can cry, it makes me feel like i'm open, unzipped, exposed to the air, a storm waiting to happen, an unlocked chakra.

Today is quiet but beautiful.

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