18 December 2006

West Coast! West Coast!

After two days fighting a cold with my friend m2, who was also fighting a cold, an amazing coincidence of bio-rhythm, in chicago, where we also:

Ate eggs benedict at ann sather for brunch
Went to my fave thai restaurant and ate the best pad kee mao in the northern hemisphere
Watched "the office" and the final episode of "survivor" where the asians became the master race--go AJI's!
I also met my bro at filter in the WP
I slept 12 hours and still felt tired afterwards
I slept on the plane, listened to good house, ah , i feel as good as you can feel without being a 100% healthy.

Yes peeps, i finally made it to SoCal, and it was 60 degrees today, and i walked around in a t-shirt, the sunglasses came out of storage, there are palm trees coronating my return, my mum and i spent hours buying food at whole foods, then i took a nap, ah, california feels awesome to me!

Now we're gonna eat some vegetarian pho soup and watch trashy tv. i'm hoping to go to bed early, sleep for 12 hours, and see the ocean tomorrow. in a few days, i'm gonna feel like a brand new car, or something fancy and brand new that doesn't use gasoline, or push the world's fossil fuels to near extinction or cause global empires.

everyone, let's free toto. who's with me?

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