11 December 2006

The Beauty of Not Acting Your Age

1. Wrote a kick-ass recommendation for a former student of mine for MFA programs and got to use a bunch of hyperbolic statements that were actually true. nice to be on the other side of that power dynamic for once, seeing as i'm applying to all these fellowships and collecting rec.'s myself.

2. Talked to my mum, who is so goddamn funny. she was telling me she really hopes she gets picked to go on jury duty soon because she kinda likes it and ramu will pay her, so she gets paid to perform her civic duty. and she's dragging wick and me to sea fucking world, of all the immoral institutions. i guess it's time to kick it wih shamu, my friend. he'll recognize his sister immediately once my arms are exposed. . .

3. I persuaded my mum to buy me a nintendo ds lite for x-mas, which is kinda pathetic and childish if i think about it, but i prefer not to. . . until it comes to buying video games, then it's mariokart, castlevania and other useless shit. see, when i play video games, i'm reconNECTing with my japanese heritage, it's totally genealogical, in case you're wondering.

4. Frances got her shit together and she's writing me 3 more recommendations thank god, it was becoming a total nightmare.

5. I'm getting really stoked to hang out with my frirend m2 in chicago. also, i can't wait to get to socal, feel the sun, hear the gregorian ocean, and write my ass off. my novel's coming along, but soon it will bumping. . .

6. My tattoo makes me really happy. i mean, WHO gets a japanese poem tattooed on his forearm? if that's not a bold artistic gesture, i don't know what is. runner-up: the way yukio mishima committed suicide, and smoking yourself to death.

7. Valerie sayer's party was fucking great, even if her dog was humping little shoes. i talked to kelly, valery, v, brian, k, mfa alum's--and i devoured so many spinach croissants i was swearing in french by midnitght.

8. I went to carrie's house party, and got drunk with 2 of my former creative writing students, who forced me to take shots from a wine flask, that ended up being 2 months old. sure, if i thought about it, it was absurd that i was 12 years older than all the other drunk undergrads there, but like i said, it was better not to think about it, and somehow, i had a blast, especially when we started talking about paris and hemingway, that shit always puts me in a good mood. and the amazing thing is, i ended up spending the night with carrie, and we talked and listened to AIR, and though we crawled in bed together 1/2 naked later on, we didn't even make out--she was feeling generally unhappy about life--and i was okay with that. i think she just needed to see me for awhile, and i was happy to see her and cuddle. we always have great convo's, whether we hook up or not. i hope i made her feel better. the next morning, i looked like a wax statue, i was so tired, i looked AWFUL, and then after thai lunch, carrie drove me to my japanese oral final, and i HAD A HUGE RORSHACH WINE STAIN ON MY SWEATER. but i still did well, not perfectly by any means, but still very good. i think shiga sensei was laughing at my sweater.

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