26 December 2006

H20, Tea + Video Games

My Christmas was rad. some of the highlights included the weather. it was 70 degrees and beautiful and my brother and i took a small pilgrimage to see this:

The sun, the ocean, the sky. . . these were blessings in our lives. these things helped me understand where i was and why i'm here.

Other highlights inluded my brother's accidental backhawk. after he tried trimming his hair with my electric shaver without understanding how short the 3 setting is, and with no mirror to see the back of his head, it looked like this:

And the apogee of my day was opening up this:

Which today became:

Yes my friends, the ds lite show is official. the season of lights has begun. thematically related to this, my brother and i were chatting about why japanese peeps live so long, and we've decided--against our mum's refutation--that besides the whole grain, sashimi-obsessed, green tea diet phenomenon, one of the reasons our people live so long is cuz they have a highly regimented way of life--which the body loves--and a undeniable element of play in its culture--which the soul loves.

It all comes back to my nintendo ds lite.

For all of the above reasons, i look and feel like this:

We out, for now. . .

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