02 December 2006

How Am I Single?

You know, sometimes, i'm trying to understand how i can be going to an excellent university with over 10,000 students and somehow i'm single. it just seems odd. and then, i see the blessing in that because i need to work alot right now. i feel like the next 5 months are like the last lap of this marathon, and i really need to pick it up and represent. i won't settle for writing a novel that's half-assed. i have too much love, too strong a work ethic, too much pride, too much conviction and creativity to settle. i want to delight, intrigue, infuriate, touch, move, inspire, anger, arouse with my writing. that's the alpha and the omega of my motivation. but i guess it's different when you realize how little time you really have left.

Man, i can't wait to hear the pacific ocean, sit at little socal cafes, feel the sun on my face. time's just going by so quickly now and i feel like i have so much to do between now and graduation. but for a month in socal, i'm going to visit the ocean often, see my fam, and write the hell out of my novel. that's the only way. and i know it. this is how we do.

Cool. now i feel much better now. i'm going to write some more, make some tea, and do some yoga.

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