19 December 2006

Oh My God The Sun Feels Good

The sun feels amazing. i'm sitting right in it right now. it's 60 degrees, which feels like 80 after the south bend's mistral, i'm in a t-shirt, i'm outside, and life is fucking beautiful man. i'm about to work on my thesis, but a few minutes of sun worship is great for my morale, and great for the universe too.

I'm at one of my fave cafes in socal, pannikin, sipping on some green tea, soaking up the winter sunshine. i feel almost totally healthy again. wick gets in tomorrow.

Everytime i make it back to socal, i always ask myself the same question: yo, why don't i live here? if i didn't have to drive, and if the cost of living wasn't so exhorbitant, i would live here. i mean, i've lived in:

Solana beach
Del mar

All west coast cities, all of them amazing places to conjugate the verb of human joys, but right now, it's just not time for me.

I do think about the following though:

Moving to japan and living there for a few years, maybe up to 6 years max, and then moving back to the west coast, specifically nocal, and in particular, the bay area, i'd be equidistant--well, kinda--from mum in solana beach and my peeps in p-town, and settling down there with one dog (a beagle) and two nekochans. god i can be idealistic. it's fucking vulgar. but i embrace it.

Now i can hear christmas music in the background and it's time for me to work on my novel. tonight, my mum and i gonna eat some indian food, i'm so stoked. it's been months since i've gotten down with the desi palette.

When i'm done writing here, i'm gonna go to the beach and watch the sunset, if i can time it just right.

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