13 December 2006

Playgirl, Why Are You Sleeping in Tomorrow's World?

I'm done with everything for the rest of the semester, for the end of the year! i finished writing my fellowships cover letters, i sent them out at the ND postoffice, I took my 日本語 exam today--i pretty much aced it, hell yeah aji--and now i'm just relaxing in sobe until saturday, when i take the train to chicago, see my awesome friend m2, we're gonna kick it at her place, at my fave thai joint, at the chicago diner, we're gonna break the verbs down, walk through the city, catch up on our lives, it's gonna be hella cool. and then monday, it's socal. yo, i can't wait to see my mum, walk down to the beach, hear the ocean, feel the sun, hit the smoothie stand, and most importantly, crank out this novel that's been germinating for weeks now since i got sidetracked by academic stuff.

Normally, now that i'm done with all my shit, i'd play the fourth movement of mozart's 39th symphony in celebration--an old tradition, pardon the tautology--but you know, i'm not in the mood to hear mozart. when i get little 猫ちゃんs, then i'll start playing him again. they like him. i know. i've noticed. now it's travis. can't go wrong with "writing to reach you."

I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow, start revising my novel, go for a run, take a shower, shave my head and start writing again. it's gonna be perfect.

Today, i also played piano in the dark for about an hour. it made me so happy. i think i wrote a new song, as in lyric-piano-songwriter-kinda-song, but i'm not talented enough to play and sing at the same time, so i'll have to split this up into two steps. bring in the old skool 4-track!

All right, it's time to watch "ghost in the shell" so i can return these DVD's at the library tomorrow.

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