21 December 2006

Spending Time with My Family in Sun Country

Ah, these past two days have been wonderful. we picked up wick, my brother at the airport, then we went to mum's work, and met Ramu, her boss before we made it to mitsuwa. i bought TONS of wasyoku: nori, okonomi sauce, kyupi mayo, kabayaki, kamaboko, weird strawberry flavored soda, grilled corn snacks (don't ask, but they're a hit in japan). i also bought some strange toy thing that looks like fake japanese produce: daikon radish, carrots in a green basket with prices in yen, two types of noodles. but it satisfies some childish part of me that used to LOVE getting gifts everytime my parents would come back from japan.

Then we watched the "davinci code" and "little miss sunshine" before devouring vegetarian spaghetti--boníssimo! i finished my first chapter with Ginger Lin in section 2 of my novel, and then revised parts of the opening, which is still not quite done, but getting there.

Today, i woke up around 8:40ish, stretched, walked down to the beach and ran into my brother along the way, went to the post office, mailed 3 stories to ZYZZYVA, the west coast-only literary journal based out of san fran, and then we walked through downtown solana beach where i bought present for my mum and bro, including:

A bunch of bath stuff from Mistral, a french soap company from provènce like:
jasmine soaps in the shapes of sea shells
bath salts like pear and verveine
foaming bath mousse that smells like st. tropez
apricot and lime soap

And for my brother:

A lime green journal (his fave color) with a charles dickinson quote in large block letters
A nalgene bottle

And then after a fantastic salad of:

Fresh organic spinach
Organic red peppers
Organic radishes
Organic ripe avocadoes
Fresh slices of raw salmon
Kalamata olive oil
Goddess dressing

Now, my bro and i are at pannikin. and i am content.

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