24 December 2006

Connecting with Animals + Nature

Yesterday, i worked on my novel, walked to dog beach in del mar with my brother. then we spent time at:

Before going to zinc cafe, drinking some green tea and kicking it. then we walked up to henry's and i went and finished up my x-mas shopping for my mum and brother when i saw this in the sky:

Or, seen from another point of view, this:

Last night ended by:

Watching "v is for vendetta"--loved it, and my mum and i gorging ourselves on chocolate fudge brownies--hella yum. also, my brother, mum and i danced to amel wahby's "yahbet." it was so cute. it was like dance party usa. there was mum, wick and me, getting down to arabic world music. even midori, the green-cheek canure, starting shaking her stuff. classic stuff.


Today, i woke up kinda late (9:40ish), and after dancing to 80's music in the living room again, we got in the car, listened to more 80's hits like cindi lauper's "time after time," toto's "africa," a-ha's "take on me" and many many other great chorus-heavy songs, and then we finally drove to SEA WORLD--something I protested against, but my mom begged us (free tickets).

First, as you drive to the parking lot, you're greeted by:

Then we watched a cute little Chinese girl shaking hands with a polar bear. well, a man dressed in a pola bear outfit:

Finally, to the animals.of course, because they're the most beautiful animals in the whole world, we saw the dolphins first. the baby dolphin was so cute:

And then, i had this amazing connection with this one dolphin. i swear we were in love or something. for 3 minutes we just stared at each other. at first i thought i was just being anthropocentric again the way all writers are, but then, my mum was like yo, you and that dolphin had some crazy connection.

I wondered: does she see the tattoo on my forearm? does she know that i love dolphins, that i think they have the buddha nature.

Or, does this dolphin know that i'm muttering under my breath: you're so beautiful. look at you. you're so gorgeous. lookt at you. you're so beautiful. whatever it was, we connected. it was touching.

Then we saw fish in the aquarium:

And beluga whales. after that, it was time for the shamu show:

We also saw jellyfish:

Yup, despite my issues (many of them), it was a rad--and very unsual--christmas eve at sea world:

Finally, we made it back to north country where we drove to leucadia and ate fish tacos with guacamole at our fave place north of the border at juanita's.

Here's pretty encinitas:

Finally, we went to a farmer's market where i bought vegetarian tamales with green mole and organic avocados. then we came home, took a small break, then went to barbara's place for a christmas eve party where we ate smoked salmon and rich english desserts, i drank a really nice bottle of pinot noir and we chatted shamelessly. and now we're back and it feels good to be home.

Happy holidays and merry christmas and happy chanukah to all of you my beautiful friends. love you.

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