11 January 2007

Children of a Lesser God + Hammock of Mirrors

This was one of the best vacations i've had in recent memory and i know how fortunate i was to have a month of paraiso.

I took the coaster down to san diego, arriving at:

And i walked around the city, noticed all the development that's going on before buying some threads at g-star raw and urban outfitters, and then, i had a little moment when i saw:

Also, i got to see my friend suzie, who get's crazier--and therefore cooler--everytime i see her

It was great kicking it with her after a year:

Of course, first i watched suzie on stage earlier that evening at the:

The san diego repertory theater's production of "don quixote"was strange and kinda cool. and it's there that i took illegal pictures inside like this:

And the windmills--my fave part:

And here are some final beach shots of magnificent socal. i get nostalgic just knowing i have to leave. here are some pics from cardiff beach and:

Such amazing last visions of socal for january, and probably for the year:

And the beautiful sky when the it also falls, letting great orbs of tangerine light sink into a vast hammock of mirrors:

Sometimes, when the sunset is so stunning it crushes you, it seems like we are all children of a lesser god:

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