03 January 2007

New Year = Evolution

Wow, i can't believe it's the new year already. 2007. i feel like this is going to be a really good year.

Here are my new year's resolutions:

1. Finish my novel
2. Go to japan
3. Nine good deeds each month
4. Flower brigade (more on that later)
5. One big journal publication
6. Say the word love a 1,000 times
7. Meditate more
8. Twenty-four hours of silence
9. Forgive one person i don't like

In other exciting news, i found out that water, according to chinese astrology, is my lucky element since i'm a white rabbit and i was born in the year of green tiger, and am therefore, metal. water is my balance. and i wonder:

Or was it this kind of water?

Crossing it? drinking it? bathing in it? who knows. . .

New year's eve was hella rad. my mum and i spent the day together. first we drove down 101, like we always do, right on the ocean, passing normal scenes of socal like:

Went to a self-realization fellowship service

Where we meditated, chanted, sung songs and listened to the swami talk about taking responsibility for our lives in the new year, the way our soul is god and how meditation helps us become aware of our soul. it was awesome. the guru looked like devon's father, who i love with all my heart, so i was instantly drawn to him.

Then, after kicking at st. tropez café encinitas, where we ate brunch in the sun:

We went to trader joe's--which was absolutely insane, it was like trying to shop during rush hour in mumbai--then went to blockbuster video, came home, took down the christmas tree that was raining needles, and held up for weeks by dental floss.
and then we had a little feast of:

Chimchurri sauce and bread
Kalamata olives
Spinach filled nugget things
Smoked pepper salmon
Red pepper sauce (ajvar)
Thai peanut salad
Organic multigrain bread
Avocado and pico de gallo

Visually speaking:

And yesterday, i watched michigan GET SPANKED by usc.

Lastly, here are a series of sunset pics i took last week, all in one sitting. enjoy:

And then, way up in the sky i noticed:

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