07 January 2007

Thanks to the Creator

I feel like a teenager. no, i'm serious. i'm STILL sleeping 9-10 hours a night. i can't believe how much sleep debt i have. but i'm sleeping so well. today i slept in, like usual. and then, after my mom dropped little hints about how i'm wasting the day away, we ate some trail mix, drove to the beach and it was 78 degrees. it was AMAZING. the waves were big, everyone was in shorts and socal was never more beautiful than it was today.

Then, my mom and i drove to encinitas and shared a tropical storm smoothie at swami's cafe--one of my fave places in the whole world. my mock blt with avocado was the sickest thing ever. and this woman came up to me with her husband and asked me about my tattoos and i was really flattered. she really liked the buddha and the arabic. this is one thing i luv about the west coast, people appreciate good body art here. i luv that.

Then my mom and i walked to the self-realization fellowship, and walked through the garden, sat on the benches high on the cliffs, gazed down on the ocean lullaby again. then we watched koi swimming in slow circles. it was quiet, sunny and beautiful. afterwards, we drove to a sally's house, one of my mom's friends (and originally her AA sponsor) and we helped her move some boxes. and finally we drove back to solana beach on 101--the view was magnificent. and during our drive i called pops and wished him a happy birthday. he sounded healthy and happy and i'm so grateful for that.

Before we came home, we went to the farmer's market and bought some organic spinach and apples and i bought my mum some flowers too. she protested, but then once i handed her the small little bouquet, you could tell she liked them.

I'd like to thank the universe/god/the saints and buddhas of every religion for:

This weather
My family's health
Their strength, joy and peace
My friends
My writing
This vacation
Going back to SoBe and finishing my MFA degree
My obaasama
All the blessings in my life, and in everyone else's.

For some reason, today just made me so aware of how blessed we all are to live and to love without regret or condition.

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