18 February 2007

Sleep, Sushi + Sake

Today was awesome.

Angeli and i slept in forever (she slept on the couch like a good girlfriend and i slept in my comfy bed and dreamed like a teenager), then we woke up and talked and talked, then i made salmon melts, i fed the buddhas in my house--meaning, i lit incense for them--i read a story to angeli, and then, for dinner we--get this--drove to indianapolis and ate tons of sushi, oishitoshi, maki, maguro, ebi tempura, drank some sake, life was great--and then we got right back in the car, and drove back to sobe. the reason we could be so absurd and spend 5 and 1/2 hours driving for a one hour meal is cuz we were just talking the whole way. and when we weren't talking, we were having nice little moments, just listening to ivy, luna, dean wareham and britta phillips in the car, singing along to "mermaid eyes." it was funny cuz obie, angeli's boyfriend called her 3 times when we were driving, and she was so happy cuz she was starting to get mad that he hadn't called, but once he did, she was ecstatic, and she forgave him instantly. . . my kinda girl.

It's been so long since i've taken a little road trip with one of my friends. . . it was kinda like oberlin revisited, driving past corn fields, angeli smoking a parliament light, listening to tunes on the stereo, little incestuous conversations, loving and celebrating your friendships, your rapport, predicting where each person will be in 5 and 10 years, my god, it feels good to have friendships like that where you can celebrate the world in one weekend. our predictions were:

In 5 years, she'll be married and i'll be working on my 2nd or 3rd book, traveling the states giving reading tours, after living abroad for a few years (japan?) i'll move to sanfran and in 10 years, she'll have changed jobs, have 2 kidz, she'll have at least 2 albums released, and one of my books will have been picked up by a production studio, my writing will chill out, i'll have kidz too, and i'll have moved to another place that has actual seasons, like maybe seattle, or new york. . .

We'll see in a couple years how off or right on we were. . . god i love that girl. she's one of my best friends in the whole world.

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