04 February 2007

Today, Antarctica is Warmer Than South Bend

Okay, with wind chill it's -25 degree outside in south bend, indiana. i'm speechless. in toronto, by comparison, it's only -17. how in the world is it warmer in CANADA than it is in NORTH INDIANA. oh the mysteries of the snowbelt . the only consolation i have is that it's colder in fargo than it is here--it's -33 degrees. but then again, that's generally THE COLDEST PLACE IN AMERICA and south bend isn't supposed to be COMPETITIVE with the coldest place in america. WTF. one last note, and this is NOT hyperbole. it's warmer in antartica right now than it is in south bend--i'm NOT joking. at the Bernado O'Higgins base it's thirty fucking nine degrees. give me a break.

More later. i need to work on my thesis before coleen picks me up.

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