26 March 2007

Thoughts on the Changing (Soviet) World

1. This weather is like a face-lift for my morale.

2. Well, it looks like i'm gonna have my own zine review column on newpages, which is like the coolest thing ever. and i'm even gonna get paid, well, not much, but still, this will the first time i'm actually gonna get paid to write, so that's exciting. also, i've wanted to learn more about zine culture for awhile now, and this is the perfect excuse. also: free copies! love that shit man. it's amazing how all of this comes back to atlanta, to awp, to talking to people, to local connections. yet another reason to move to chicago.

3. I saw pablo again, in a really strange place. i already told silpa my theory that pablo is like the superfluous man in 19th century russian novels. he's both ubiquitous and simultaneously one-dimensional. in this case, i saw pablo--of all fucking places--IN THE GYM, IN SHORTS, and what was really strange, HE WAS RUNNING AROUND THE TRACK. and honestly, it looked like his body wasn't totally down with that kind of exercise. he didn't look comfortable running at all. i'd like to think he ran faster whenever he passed me though on the steps, where i was cooling down, you know, cuz of machismo and all. but i'm sure i was imagining that.

4. O'shag looks like a soviet youth recruitment center with all of those mao is coming posters i made for the lula readings. in case you're not stuck in sobe, this would look like:

Anyway, between the copies we made for lula's, and the EXTRA ones christina yu made cuz she's deeply paranoid that no one is going to come to her reading, the hallways are starting to freak me out. and i helped create this madness! shame on me.

5. Well, my rejection list is almost complete. no's from:

the george bennett fiction fellowship
yaddo corporation
and recently, the colgate creative writing fellowship.

this leaves:

the sparks prize
the JET program
emory university fiction fellowship

at this point, any of those would do. but if not, i'll figure something else out. i'm still kinda keen on chicago or osaka though, personally. on verra. . .

6. I know i've said this before, but i really love my lip ring. it makes me happy. i saw a girl staring at it as i was walking to the bus stop today, and then i realized it wasn't cuz she was scoping me out, but cuz she had one too and she was kinda bummed she wasn't the only one. yeah, see these lips, that's how it's SUPPOSED to look.

7. You know, despite recent setbacks and disappointments, i feel so good about my life and i really feel like it's going to work out. yes, the eternal optimist and his paradigm. but it's more than that. i simply know. and i've seen it work out over and over and i'm a believer.

8. I think erika and i going on a date soon and i'm really stoked about that.

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