08 March 2007

2 Weeks of Busy

My god, i've been mad busy the past 2 weeks, but, just to give some of you an idea of how breath-taking, ridiculous and amazing these past 2 weeks have been, let me just break it down for all of you.

In the past two weeks i have:

1. Taken 6 quizzes in japanese
2. Taken 2 written examinations in japanese
3. Taken 1 oral midterm in japanese
4. Worked on, edited, and revised my mfa thesis before turning it into the office for graduation
5. Worked on, edited, and revised my sparks prize submission, which i will turn into the office tomorrow
6. Bought a new suit from banana republic
7. Bought new shoes from kenneth cole
8. Gone on a date with erika from chicago
9. Taken my annual hiv test at the st. joseph's health center--it's all good
10. Had my jet interview at the Japanese consulate in chicago
11. Spent 3 days in atlanta for the awp convention where i also:
12. Became friends with the editors at one story, one of my fave lit journals
13. Became friends with the non-fiction editor at 9th letter
14. Became friends with the crew at newpages.com where i might become their online journal critic
15. Hung out with tony d'souza who i love and admire for his chicago connections, his impressive Work ethic, even if he IS a complete and absolute hustler
16. Talked to the editors of at least 10 different journals that i have pending submissions at
17. Became friends with some of the mfa students at alabama
18. Went and heard robert olen butler read
19. Met Utahna Faith in a flash fiction panel discussion, the editor that published my story, "City Lunch" in 3am: magazine
20. Listened to lily and the other chiasmus press writers (including lance olsen) give an awesome joint reading
21. Went to michael martone and john barth's reading in the crystal ballroom of the hilton hotel--mm stole the show, in my opinion before buying 2 of mm's novels and chatting with him at the book Signing. he even sent me 2-3 emails in the past week. i feel very privileged, to say the least.
22. Talked to one of the poetry editors at tin house--jc was his name i think
23. Played air hockey and won against pei-lin, the editor at one story
24. Met atina, one of the fiction editors at red hen press, one of the better indie presses, this one, out of LA
25. Met fred ramney, one of the publisher's at unbridled press, who gave me his card after i told him about my novel and the interest that publishing luminaries like lynn nesbit has shown the manuscript so far. --and we take agented and unagented fiction, he explained.
26. Picked up something like 25 free lit journals from the awp bookfair
27. Smoked 3 cigarettes and drank lots of heineken--all of which tasted fantastic

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