30 March 2007

Beautiful Day in South Bend

1. Shiga sensei said hi to me today as i was microwaving my leftover pasta from legends. before i knew what i was doing, my lips started stammering out an apology: i missed the bus, the taxi took 30 minutes, so i gave up--all true--and she was like, oh, whatever, it's fine, i don't care, i just wanted to tell you thank you, i got a response from the people at the hotel in brittany that you wrote to in french for me, and they replied back the next day. she was so excited, she almost hugged me, but instead, we did something really bizarre and wonderful, we high-fived, right there, on the second floor of decio, my japanese sensei and me, high-fiving like team mates in a dodgeball game. crazy.

2. Coleen hugged me today, almost made me cry, she already found out about me trying to get her a raise, she had to look at the inbox to get rid of the spam, and who had written me two irritating emails waiting for me there but christina yu. so cyu managed to ruin yet another thing in my life. but not really. coleen said it was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for her, she was so sweet, she almost made me cry, but i love and admire her so much and she deserves a raise, we all know that, she's the covert director of the program in many ways. it was touching to see her so moved like that. but what would be really rad, is if she actually gets this raise inshallah.

3. Yesterday, i played piano for an hour, and i swear, everything i was playing was fantastic. it's not usually like that. usually, when i play improvisationally, i don't like most of it, or i rely exclusively on old songs i'd written many years ago to balance out all of the formula pieces i just reified out of thin air, but for some reason, my improv songs were making me so happy. . . now, if only i can remember them again next time. that would be even better.

4. Instead of taking the bus, i decided to walk instead. it was such a perfect and bright day, a nice 3 mile walk from campus to my apartment. the sun was kissing my pores, the music in my shuffle was practically made for walking on the sidewalk, and even when ugly-looking white trash guys in dilapidated pick-up trucks yelled shit at me near memorial hospital, i coulda cared less what they thought of me, in fact, i couldn't even hear what they were saying anyway, didn't even look in their direciton, dean wareham, nappy roots, blackalicious, sia, they were my companions, guiding me through three miles of song. it was such a warm and beautiful day today, the high 60's low 70's slowly dissolving the dormant sadness i've been storing in my lungs.

5. Today felt like redemption. the sun felt like words i've wanted to hear all winter long from someone i've missed terribly.

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