17 March 2007

I Lost an Hour Today,


I forgot that saturday night was daylight savings, even though kelly told me it was, even though she kept getting mind-warped by the idea that she was going to drive BACK to michigan city--which is in indiana, for all of you not familiar with strange world mechanics of midwest culture--and she was going to lose an hour, even though michigan city is in the same STATE as south bend, unless she drove back past three (which she did, actually, it was close to 4), in which case, with daylight savings time, she'd basically leave south bend at the same time that she'd arrived in michigan city since the drive is almost exactly an hour, how fucking weird is that? but somehow, even though i was laughing at her when she tried to get her mind wrapped around that idea, somehow, i STILL forgot it was daylight savings time YESTERDAY. well, today too. i thought it was 5, and even thought, man, i'm glad it's not 6 yet cuz i'm not even hungry, but then, i checked my cell phone, and realized it WAS 6, and i still wasn't hungry.

So the point is, i lost an hour today, and i've been working really hard to try and get it back, but it's just not working.

I had a great time with kelly on saturday. we spent something like 17 hours together, talking and talking, walking around notre dame and sunny south bend, eating crappy italian food at polito's, hanging out in the music building on campus where i played some songs for her, before we drove to the thai trailer and realized it was CLOSED YET AGAIN, and eventually we tried a little japanese place on Mckinley road, before making it back to my house, where we eventually laid down on the floor, and cracked jokes about weird things like dildo knives and spongy love torsos and microwaved oranges--don't ask--as our minds slowly degenerated until we were both almost asleep, delirious, babbling incoherent and lewd and funny things, all of which made sense at 4, but actually 5, in the morning. and then, we kissed a little, but mostly, it was a tease, a soft insinuation of unexpressed desire, left to the imagination, to the future, and possibly, to nothing.

My mom keeps calling me tonight and asking me for advice with her msn.singles.com account.
--what username should i use honey? she asked.
--i dunno, i said, i have no idea.
--how about michigan lover?
--god no, that's so cheesy mum. and you don't LIVE in michigan.
--well, i can't do "positive possibilities," that's too long.
--what about gloryincali.
--sounds religious.
--YOU gave me that name, and spelled it with a y.
--that was just an email account.
--how about if i spelled it with an "i" instead.
--that could work.
--the other thing i was thinking of was "new to this."
--there's got to be a MILLION people with that tag.
--well, it's true.
--all right, try it then, see if it works.

I'm stoked cuz tomorrow i'm going to chicago for a few days to kick it with my bro. and maybe i'll see some of my peeps too, or even better, erika, while i'm there inshallah. on verra. wick's gonna flip when he see my lip ring. somehow, i've managed to hold on to this secret--which is so hard for me to do--and he has no idea i've got a hole in my lip, looped with stainless steel, pretty that, so pretty lips can be, when they're swollen.

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