21 March 2007

There's Something Really Wrong with My Neighbors

i thinks there's something really disturbring about one of my neighbors. i'm trying not to judge how white trash they appear from the outside: the abandoned lazy boy in the lawn, the aquarium on the curb, the blankets used as curtains--none of that helps. but what really disturbs me is, they have cujo as a pet. i mean, as i walking to noma to join the beautiful ladies (the coolest and hottest beatches in sobe i tell ya), there was a dead squirel on the sidewalk. . . and then, on the other side of the same house, i walked past a dead skunk, flattened and dead, its little white stripe, dirtied by tire tracks. but i feel like that's GOT to be a bad omen for that home, when there's a small collection of dead animals surrounding your house. you've either read too many stephen king novels, you're training your mutt to be a killer, or animals are spontanesouly croking in front of your windows--and none of that bodes well for you. you've obviously angered the gods, so maybe now is the time to lay some flowers on your altar.

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