10 April 2007

Adios Ayer

As i walked around my hood for an hour tonight to get some fresh air, listening to music, including jose padilla's "adios ayer," i suddenly realized that--barring some nasty power play by william--i'm only gonna be in sobe for another 6-7 weeks. that's fucking insane. and to think a year ago, i left for new york in 5 weeks, and now, in 6 i'll probably be leaving for Chicago again. it's just so hard to believe, that's all. it feels like just a few months ago we were the newbies, trying to figure out who we were as the 2nd years flaunted their shit at us and we snarled and spat on the ground. and now, we have only 3 more weeks of classes and then we graduate and we're all done. and the world continues, like in la peste.

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