21 April 2007

God Bless the Nihonjin

Well, my birthday ended up being really nice. at first, i had my doubts: lynne and colby left early cuz i was late, like always--the waiter at the thai restaurant I ate at for dinner disappeared. On top of that, kpg and d were out of town, Silpa, Beth, Brian and Ed, Shero, Little Shoes, Cyu totally bailed on me, T had to write a paper, K never responded, Lily didn't respond to my call, Monica was still working, Coleen and Ava had family stuff to attend do, so pretty much i got ditched by the entire creative writing department. I'm not gonna lie. It really hurt my feelings. Like a lot. I know I have my flaws like every other person, but I'm a good person + I care about people in my life a lot. I just don't get it.

But, then, in the middle of my pity party (can you fucking blame me?), thankfully, Emi and Shiga sensei stopped by, and we had a really nice time talking and hanging out, drinking japanese beer and geishas. then, we came back to my place, drank some ochya, ate snacks, talked and listened to music for many hours. it just goes to show: there are people you think are your friends, people who actually are your friends and then there are people who surprise you with their friendship. i'm so grateful that today was a beautiful day. it felt nice to walk in the sun, i loved my nap, my mum's care package was hella sweet, talking to em made me happy, i was stoked to wear my new shoes today and i'm grateful i was in great company tonight at noma's. today was a good day.

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