19 April 2007

It's On People! It's On!

I think i found the perfect place in chicago. it's right on humboldt park, 2 blocks from the chicago bus line, within biking/ dedicated ghandi walk-a-thon walking distance to wicker park w/o being inside the circus either. and it looks like i'll have my own bedroom AND office--hells yeah. also, my future roommate sounds amazing. she's an illustrator and graphic designer, loves photography, traveling, has two 猫ちゃんs, likes good indie music, spends alot of time at home working, she's super open minded, chill, smart, funny, intriguing and obsessed with japanese culture, just like i am, but, um, you know, for more narcissistic reasons. i think this is gonna work out wel.

Also: in my incessant roomie hunt on craig's list, i've become friends with AT LEAST five new women, all of them, sound cool* and i think i'm gonna kick it with them once i make the big move. i'm gonna have new friends, which is great, and they're my age too, which is even better.

And: i'm gonna be working some on this online hip-hop magazine that i have mad respect for, which will be cool.* so i'll get to reveiew new singles and cd's, and maybe write some feature pieces and discuss some of the cultural aspects of hip-hop. this is really exciting for me cuz i only have a small--but excellent--rep. of hip-hop cd's, so hopefully i'll learn alot.

Then: i bought tickets to go see AIR at the riviera with my magical friend Em, in early may, so that should be a sick sick show. i've never seen them live even though they're one of my fave electronic groups of all time.

Of course: the new macbeth shoes i ordered, came today, and i'm fucking ecstatic.

Even better: for my b-day, i told me mum just to send me lots of 和食、and goddamit, that's exactly what she did! when i opened up the box, there was a small pile of:

Miso shiru
Rice crackers
Japanese chocolate. . . yes, it is really different. it's smaller and helps you with your math Homework.
Good shrimp ramen
Spicy drired squid
Wasabi peas
Much more
Okonomi yaki

To me, this is comfort food, especially the miso and the kabayaki.

The sweet taste of grape juice: yes, i have been knocking down the grape juice, it's true, but actually, i turned in the last of my forms for my MFA thesis and i just received the okay from the HBIC, so my thesis should be all done! that's fucking huge man. what an enormous relief. now, at my leisure i'll finish the 3rd section, in the next few weeks.

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