12 May 2007

Gagging on the Influx

Tonight i ate drunken noodles that were so spicy i was practically gagging. and i thought i was hardcore.

Today, i walked around campus and counted cars of parents coming to pick up their kidz from another year of god country notre dame. in the span of 5 seconds i noticed license plates from:


Okay, i made up the last one. there was no azerbaijani license plate. i haven't seen one of those guyz since i was in baku.

Though i'm sticking to my pledge of remaining single for the next month, at the same time, i'm really gonna love the next relationship i'm in if for no other reason than because i'm sick of porn and porn only makes sense to me when you're single. i never even glance at it when i'm dating someone. porn: the ultimate cheap date.

I need to start packing soon, but secretly, i'm afraid to. my 2 years overall, have been so good, and packing means migrating, and migrating is temporary, and my apartment in sobe, however imperfect, represent the opposite of the temporary.

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