16 May 2007

Beautiful Day in South Bend

Today has been just a fantastic day, even though i stayed in my apartment for most of it. here are some highlights:

1. I'm on the last chapter of my novel and it's coming along beautifully. right now i'm at on page 386, and i think it's gonna be around 400 pages, but that's cool. i'm hoping to finish this draft of my book by the end of this week, or the weekend, giving me enough time to revise 2 stories and 1 memoir this weekend so i can print them out with my surplus printing balance at the library next week.

2. I checked my grades today and i got another 4.0 leaving my cumulative gpa at 3.96. what this really means is, i'm gonna graduate, and that's so fucking sick.

3. I went out with setsuko (formerly known as shiga sensei) and our friend emi. we met a japanese guy and a thai guy (who spoke almost perfect japanese) at the mishiwaka brewery, and we talked for hours in japanese. sometimes my brain hurt, so i switched to english to talk with emi and setsuoko about traveling, skype, banana yoshimoto and murakami haruki, american elections, notre dame's miserly pay scale for adjuncts, cross-cultural dating, stuff like that. cool convos really. i think the thai and the japanese dude thought i was a thug for half the night, but eventually we did talk about some interesting stuff, though it's really hard explaining what a MFA is in japanese when creative writing doesn't exist either as a concept nor as an academic specialization in japanese.

4. The bulls won again, and fuck, now, it's a goddamn series. even if they lose to the pistons this week, 4-2 is respectable, and if the bulls win in chicago, shit, then it's 3-3 and it's a one game series and i totally believe in my chicago bulls. i just love that they proved the haters wrong and went out there and played with enormous heart and intensity. that's how it should be played.

5. Setsuko told me that i had one of the two highest grades on the japanese final. --it was almost perfect, she said, you must have studied alot. and you know, she's right, i did study quite a bit for that.

6. I checked my balance and i FINALLY have money. my last MFA grad student stipend disbursement. sigh. but this is a good thing cuz i only had like a 100 bucks in my account so now i breathe easily.

7. Erika sent me the sweetest email and now we've decided that we have a date a week from this friday, and we're gonna eat yummy thai or japanese or eithiopian food and eat canolis and that's like a dream to me. i even told her, between you and the canolis, i'm one of the happiest men on earth. and there was no room for hyperbole in that rich, sweet, cream filled declaration of mine cuz it's obviously true.

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