23 May 2007

Goodbye SoBe, Welcome Back Cotter

So tonight is my LAST night in sobe, and if i wasn't so damn tired from all the packing, i know i'd be waxing nostalgic about the 2 years i spent in this apartment, BECOMING the writer i always wanted to be.

I gave my neighbors a box of food, it's such a waste to throw away perfectly good food, i hate that, and then i carried 3 bags of clothes to the salvation army last night, and i've thrown away more things than i've packed. i have more thoughts about packing, thoughtful interesting meditations about packing, but i'm too tired to write them now. so here's an * until i can give you the real dope.

I went to the computer cluster and tried to take advantage of my print balance since it's just gonna disappear anyway, so i printed something like 700 pages: a linear copy of my novel and a bunch of my fiction. it makes sense. then i went to the creative writing office and said goodbye to Coleen, Kim, and Karmen. they were all so sweet. i hugged them, coleen gave me a kiss on the cheek. i walked to the library circle, watched a duck swimming in the preternaturally blue pond, i got one last good look at the golden dome, and then i hopped on the bus and came home.

I'm tired but really happy about my life. i'm grateful to notre dame, and even south bend, for giving me the time/space to develop my talent and remember why i'm here. i'm leaving this city with some incredible memories, a tome of writing, and some important friendships. mashallah.

Okay, now it's time to finish packing, and maybe clean a little bit.

Oh, my rick ross blurb is finally up.

Tomorrow, CHICAGO, my home!

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