20 May 2007

Why I'm Not a Hippy

I just finished a conversation with beth that was SO hilarious, and she tried to tell me i'm a hippy, which is funny and absurd. here's my response to that:

Why i could be a hippy

1. I recycle
2. I use some tom's and alba products
3. I once lived in a co-op for a semester at oberlin
4. I used to love smoking pot 10 years ago
5. I think people should compost, recycle, buy local and or organic when they can
6. I care about the environment alot
7. I don't litter
8. I'm happy

Why i could never be a hippy

1. Hippies smell, and if i smell at all, it's either façonnable or be delicious, motherfucker!
2. Hippies have no sense of style, and i do
3. Hippes are the opposite of urban, and i'm superurban
4. Everyone on the west coast recycles, most of whom are not hippies
5. Tank, the co-op i lived in at Oberlin, had so FEW hippies, that we actually called the hippies, "the hippies," and everyone knew who you were talking about
6. Gangsta like smoking weed, and they're not hippies
7. Again, this describes most of the west coast and much or urban america
8. Again, this is west coast, and many republicans care about the environment too, even if they don't act like it
9. No one should litter, it's pathetically lazy
10. Buddhists, gay people, children, mexican picnics, born agains--they're all strangely happy, and not, might i add, the slightest bit hippy
11. I don't sew my clothes or ask for change so I can buy wheatgrass shots
12. I don't wear a nose hoop
13. I don't follow Phish around
14. I have a home, motherfuckers!
15. I'm monogamous
16. I definitely don't think it's all good, Just many things

--But you have buddha tattoos jackson, beth said.
--I'm a fucking buddhist! i said.
--Lots of hippies are buddhists.
--No they're not. That's not true at all, I said, and besides, most hippies would be BAD buddhists, even if they were.

I do agree with bee, though, that i'm slightly new-agey in an urban way. that's true, and again, that's very west coast i think. i have read deepak chopra and found some of his advice marvelous, and i've read a few other books that are new age classics + I'm not ashamed of that at all. But i believe the true definition of new agey requires you to have at least FIVE new age books in your collection, and i only have one book, PERFECT HEALTH, which i lent to my friend m2. I will admit, however, that i've read some of the big classics, and i DO love the dalai lama, and i am happy whenever i walk into a new age bookstore. it feels like home. but the question i have now is, does being spiritual mean being new agey? i mean, humans have been spiritual well before this multi-billion dollar movement of self-surgery began.

I think Bee needs to spend more time in the west coast. . . .

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