14 June 2007

8,000 Chairs

1. Last night, erika and i made vegan brownies with peanut butter chips--that were anything but vegan, but la vida es asi--and then watched "the shawshank redemption," one of our fave movies of all time. i forget what a great story teller stephen king is, what a perfect narratology morgan freeman is, and how much i like the nozze di figaro scene. those brownies are fucking addictive. in fact, i'm thinking of palming one right now.

2. For fun, i told LB at my place earlier, that she had to pick between "ain't nothing but a g thang" or "changes" and she was like, why to i have to pick at all, i was like, cuz we're gonna dance to it, and she said, well, which one is shorter? instead we danced to nelly, and she looked beautiful in her striped orange dress and barrettes with the filtered sunlight coming through my bedroom windows.

3. Yesterday, after prizing its aperture for several minutes, erika declared: i wanna stick a grape in your belly-button.

4. Today as i pawed battered copies of CONCEPTION and BABY TALK and PLUM in the obgyn office at illinois masonic where erika had an appointment, i overheard the following conversation between a little boy and his father:

--But how could she teach for 8,000 years?
--I didn't say she taught for 8,000 years, i said she taught 8,000 students.
--But if she did, she would need 8,000 tables.

Then, the boy sat down next to me, stared at my buddha tattoo and frowned.
--Hi, i said.
--Hello and welcome to planet earth, he said, walking away.

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