23 June 2007

Best Compliment, Knocked Up Guerillas + Hanging Bras

1. I got the best compliment ever today. i was waiting for the fantom kedzie/cali bus on the corner of kedzie and harrison, def one of the sketchier hoods i've been in, when this guy pulled up to the light in his van. anyway, his wife--this massive, i'm talking, totally HUGE black woman--honked the horn at me, smiled, and then gave me the thumbs up. and in inner city life, there is no one harder to please, and no compliment more rare and elusive, than when it comes from a large black woman. hallelujah: i have seen the angels.

2. Wick and i kicked it at logos today. we ate some thai, watched "knocked up," at the logan cinema. i luved the whole experience in a weird sort of way, though i stopped liking logan square once i realized it was just like the wp 10 years ago, except everyone looks alike, and there's alot less you can do there except get mistreated at lula's. consider brunch.

3. I finally bought some camouflage pants at Akira yesterday and i fucking luv them, makes me look all guerilla-urban-revolutionary like.

4. I like to play pranks on people i luv, especially on erika, so today, for fun, i decided to hang erika's bras from the fire sprinklers sprouting out of her ceiling. nothing says love like seeing your padded bras hanging from roofbeams. that's what i always say.

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