18 June 2007

El Paseo Boricua

Yesterday, i spent time with erika and la familia. it was me, erika, marcos, emma, norma, her eery non-twin lookalike, erika's papa and mama, fia, saul, and lola, their abuela and we went to las fiestas puertorriqueñas. i've never seen so many tits popping out of puerto rico t-shirts before. it was like a whole park of daddy yankees, j-lo's and teenage moms. it was a riot.

Some of the highlights included eating:

Arroz con gandules
Tostones (not so impressed. tasted like fried socks)
Arreitas con queso

Granted, it was a total greasefest. i understtand now why puerto ricans have such bad skin. but i did enjoy listening to salsa and reggaeton music and watching the families hang out in lawn chairs and observe young latinos strut and flirt with their eye lashes and unrestrained bustlines. there's something so wonderful about that.

For some strange reason, we also:

Got tons of free gum
Spent time at the "oxygen bar" where i inhaled oxygen that tasted like:


But it was kinda weird, i mean, oxygen, going up my nostrils that has the flavor of, well, gum. Anyway, it's things like this that make me appreciate my city.

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