03 June 2007

Flashback to Burkina Faso (Bus # 66)

Today, after i helped sarah move her stuff from wochi to nochi (edgeh2o), i walked from morris, through loyola university as i was talking to erika on my cell, and i walked through roger's park through uptown until i got montrose, and after walking west, i discovered the brown line el is under construction, so then i'm following the el tracks, eventually i make it to irving park, i hop on the el there, i get off at chicago, and then i wait almost TWO HOURS for the 66 chicago going to the west side. i felt like i was back in burkina faso waiting for a bush taxi. . .

Here's the breakdown:

Bus 1: I missed the first 66 cuz this guy with an arm cast asked me to buy him a sweet and mao cigar.
--why can't you buy it? i asked.
--cuz they banned me from that place, he said.
--great, i said. after i bought his cigar, i realized it was actually called "sweet and mild," which made alot more sense.

Buses 2. and 3: I missed the next two busses cuz i was disoriented after i got off the el because there were construction, and exiting passengers were literally trapped in the street, some were walking through alleys, crawling over bulldozers, entering apartments, no one knew where to go, so once i made it back to chicago ave, i'd completely lost my sense of direction. once i realized i was on the wrong side of the street in every way, the next two buses passed me.

Bus 4: Got HIT in the side by an aggressive taxi, so both the bus, taxi driver (and his passenger) had to stay where they were. so close, but so damn far.

Bus 5: Stopped in front of us, completely packed from head to toe. the bus driver looked at us, and refused to open his doors. a hipster in cowboy boots and black crow suit yells, --there was PLENTY of room.

Bus 6: Finally, almost two hours i left the el station, my bus arrived. 6th bus for # 66. Some crazy numerology going on 6/3. Just saying.

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