10 June 2007

Street Art Isn't Free Anymore Kid

Friday night, after walking through the hood on south kedzie--kidz, don't try this at home--something i couldn't help since my transit card expired literally one minute before the 64 bus came, which forced me to walk to the green line where i could buy a new card, i met erika in op, we went to whole foods, bought rice balls, turnip/carrot cakes, basil pesto, crawfish salad, cornbread and asian collard greens and had a feast at her place before watching "freestyle." then we made love and fell asleep, crushed by a deep opiate sleep.

Yesterday, we made out, got dressed. for some reason, i kept watching mtv's "pimp my ride," i guess i just like the imaginative recreation of space, the face-lift of design. after that, we drove to old town for the art fair, which ended up being 7 bucks before 7 and 10 bucks afterwards, and we were like, fuck that, so we walked around the chi, hit chicago avenue, salivated as we walked past the mac store, then we went to ginza--one of my fave sushi joints in all of chicago--and ate unagi, spicy tuna and salmon/avocado rolls, miso, oishitashii. the waitress and i chatted for a little while in japanese, and then she stopped, she said, your tattoo, it's cool. . .thanx, i said. after a disappointing and totally overpriced hot fudge sundae at giradhelli's, and then we did some cultural anthro, which, in the strategically american sense of the word, at least in this pedestrian version, means hitting the magazine rack at borders, jumping from aperture, photography, new yorker, FHM, paper to mass appeal, tattoo magazine, american archaeology, art culture and harper's. then we drove to the butterfly lounge, looked around the place and then went inside the Funky Buddha Lounge where we met Saul and Reny. we pretty much danced the night away for a good three hours, and the hip-hop was fucking popping! yo, that dj was fucking deft man. he was mixing songs i've never heard together, like bollywood and jay-z, or michael jackson and justin timberlake. it felt great to move again, to wax kinetic like that, and i loved the way my body and erika's intersected on the dance floor. we were madcrazybeautiful out there, we could just feel it.

We left at 2, came home, devoured the last of her 2-bite brownies, i finished off the pesto, then we made love, slept in today. and my life is nothing if not the skin and flesh of my dreamlife. i am absurdly and almost pathologically happy.

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