05 July 2007

Explosions in the Sky

Today LB and i woke up, went for a run that was absolutely suicidal considering how goddamn humid it was, then we ate yum quesadillas with a nice chipotle salsa with tomatillas and spicy guacamole, then we played with zoe, made love, took a nap, drove to target, during which time i finally called my brother who was angry that i hadn't called him back even though he called 3 times in 12 hours. We went to whole foods, bought some turnips cakes, a salad, mushroom pasta, watched part of csi, and then we drove to my place. . .

And it was beautiful. there were fireworks going off in every direction. every township, every village, every suburb was having its own fireworks display. as we drove on 290, i felt like the drive was the show, everywhere i looked, to the side, to the left, behind me, there were exploding dandelion heads atomizing in the sky in brilliant strings of color. it felt like the fireworks were being shot over the highway.

After eating a sinsational chocolate mousse cake, erika and i played scramble tonight for the first time. i barely won, and honestly, she was really good. it kinda surprised me cuz i just assume i'm the dieu de paroles, and she was spelling all these cool words like "jinx" and "gelato" and i had crappy words like "little" and "vat" that weren't worth shit, pardon my eloquence. anyway, she lost with grace and i won without style.

As erika was lying on my bed, singing to herself as she looked at her letter blocks, my new baby fan cooling our ankles, i realized i want to spend my life with her and fill our house with (precocious, multilingual, religiously pluralistic) children. scary thought, that. but so right at the same time. for my boo, i offer this diddy song as a simple piece of public love. if only i'd written it myself. someday LB, someday inshallah.

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