16 July 2007

Picture Story

I'm so overwhelmed with all the different things i'd like to write about that it's fucking stultifying my ass. i don't even know where to begin. okay, just like historical narrative, i'll pick a random place:

In the past couple of weeks i have i've taken a lot of pictures of the chi:

Which, in the night time looks like this:

Or, if you're taking the el when it rains, the chi looks like this:

And of course, with a slow shutter speed, chicago looks like this:

Anyway, one of my projects this summer has been to carry my d-cam with me everywhere i go. you never know when you'll see something that deserves to be photographed, and by that, i mean, preserved forever in digital memory. along the way i've seen things like:

Buckingham fountain


Electronic face totems

Concrete poetry

The moon, looking like a UFO from humboldt park, which reminds me of this picture i took of Erika that looks like this:

These are LB's legs This is an Ikea Lamp
I bought for 5 dollars
I also went to:

That looks like this from the outside:

And this, from the inside:

And here's proof that i didn't pirate these pics for the hell of it:

What am i supposed to do with my arms?
And here are some other things i've seen recently:

Navy Pier, but from a distance . . . i think i'm allergic to ferris wheels

The beautiful el

A mariachi band . . . ¡mira còmo sus pantalones son ajustados!

Hemingway's birth home in the op (if any of you know tim's email, please give it me), which looks like this from afar:

This looks more have, than have-not to me . . .and i hear there's a garden of eden in back too, the perfect place for ménage à trois's!

I also played possibly the greatest game of scramble in my life with erika. our board looked something like, okay, it looked exactly like this:

I'd like to point out that my 363 points came from some of these gems:

and the 14-points from the important southern word, known as "ho." god bless triple letter squares!

Now, if i was a firm believer in supernatural semiotics, i think i'd have a fantastic case for arguing that the afterlife is trying to tell me something about my life. evidently, i'm lazy, i kick it with witches and bums, i eat tiny italian pasta shapes, i'm down with ballet jargon and i like the most boring atari game ever made.

These past 14 days or so, i've also witnessed the following:

Zoe dressed up in a ladybug outfit. you can't tell, but she absolutely loves dress-up.

Lake Michigan

A sangria commercial . . . only in puerto riquito man.

And i took some pics of pretty stoops in the wp and ukrainian village:



Okay, this didn't come out the way i wanted it to . . .

And here are more photos of the wp:

Mormons, sweating their asses off on ashland avenue, possibly trying to flee from this intimidating-looking building:

Or, maybe the dark sky seemed to be falling far too quickly for their own comfort:

Or the nomida asterisk (aka six corners aka the clusterfuck) really messed with their minds. understandable considering you can't tell which street is going in which direction:

But those are other people's theories, not mine. personally, my theory is that they saw this and it shook them up a little bit:

They're coming to get you my mormon friends! they know all about your special mormon underwear . . .

On a more sad note, filter cafe RIP:

For those of you who are plugged into the café scene in the wp, is now officially closed. Here's proof:

Those boxes you see are filled with books compiling all the conversations you'll never have in a wicker park cafe. sigh.

But here's some good news to end this blog: I still love Chicago

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