19 July 2007

We Both Go Down Together

Yesterday was erika's b-day, so we celebrated it in high style:

In the morning, i made her breakfast (scrambled eggs and veggie sausage, mango orange peach juice), then we visited her mum + drove to whole foods and bought comida for our pic-nic:

St. nectaire cheese
Garlic, mediterranean, provençal olives
Turnip cakes
Sweet potato latke
Hazelnut croquettes
Voso water
Freshly-squeezed strawberry and raspberry lemonade
Spinach salad
Smoked mozarella pasta
Organic grapes
and other stuff

I was going to take her out for a nice tapas lunch, but parking in chicago, especially from 4:30-6 is pretty much impossible, so after an hour we gave up and parked.

Instead we decided to walk to millenium park early and get a good seat for the concert. yeah, um, right. so more than 2 hours early, the place was totally packed. we found one last spot, i stood there for 45 minutes while erika went to macy's, bought an overpriced RL beach towel for us to sit on and an umbrella--which we WOULD need later.

The decemberists were fantastic. the orchestral arrangements worked really well i thought and as a band, they were gracious and charismatic.

Here's the crowd 2 hours before the venue. i think i see one open space:

And twenty minutes later:

And here's some people i know:

And here's a pic i like alot. well, i like LB in it anyway:

Here's the stage we couldn't see thanx to a bunch of clueless teenagers who stood up for the entire concert TALKING:

With more distance:

Add 30 minutes and you get:

And then add another half an hour and you get this vivid but blurry picture:

And finally here's my hero shot:

Luv the point of view

While we were waiting for the concert to begin (and for hipsters to wake up from their daze), we ate our yum pic-nic, and then erika opened her presents i got her, a def labor of love, which included:

1. A vanilla candle and some homemade amber soap from sabon, one of my fave soap makers of all time. their soho store is hella cute and the soap smells amazing in the shower

2. 5 different color head bands from urban outfitters

3. A watermelon candle (her fave fruit)

4. Some truffles from vosges

5. Las alturas de machu pichu by pablo neruda

6. Two antique barrettes i bought at future garb in the wp. they're turquoise with cranberry and blue flowers

7. A short white, yellow, blue and pink dress with sailboats on it from penelope's. hella cute and it fits erika perfectly. i picked the right size--xs.

8. And a love poem i wrote for her

After the concert and the invasion of first-time smokers, a few showers and a great encore, we went home, watched transformers on a bottlegged dvd and then i gave erika my last birthday gift:

A foot massage

Finally, we got ready for bed, made love and fell asleep. it was a perfect and beautiful day.

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