07 October 2007

Another :: Entry

ND football: finally.

USC losing: hee hee.

Eating tempura udon at mitsuwa last night, along with crappy kamaboko, weird (tasty) corn snacks, and salty salmon: body says no.

Reading lots of ES manga: くそだよ。ぼくそれが大好きだよ。

Meeting my brother for tea and conversation today: therapeutic.

Eating うなぎ、お親しい、and キュウピ and ご飯: おいしかった mothafuckas!

New novella idea involving characters looking through windows/glass/transparent barriers: foutrement génial.

New publication in fringe magazine's december issue: sweet.

The cubbies losing: sad times but not really.

88 degrees in october: over it.

Mi vida loca: loca.

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