01 October 2007

Chariots of Fire + Primatology

Today erika and i both ran in our first race. we ran 8k for PAWS (pets are worth saving), a no-kill, no-cage animal shelter here in chicago that saves the lives of stray animals by picking them up at the pound and giving them shelter, offering them up for adoption and also providing free spading/neutering to loving ownders. and i have to say, this was one of the coolest and most empowering things i've done in my life. i've always wanted to run in a race but i've never been in shape. but erika and i followed a modest regiment, and we built our weight up from 2-miles runs until we could do a 6-mile run easily.

Erika clocked in at 51:14 (474th) and i passed the finishing line at 44:18 (191th). we're sore as hell, but it was worth not only the experience, but also the cause. it makes me sleep well at night knowing that we raised almost a 100 dollars to help protect, and reduce the suffering of, other sentient beings. Mashallah.

Here's erika in her running outfit:

And here's me:

And here we are as team "Zoe's Friends":

Here are some of the mutts, doing what they do best, standing on their feet like communists in animal farm:

And here's the reason that erika and i did what we did:

Little Zoe and Her Daddy

Afterwards, erika and i walked through the LP zoo. erika insisted we go inside the primate house so we walked inside, and there we watched a mother carrying her little baby in her arms, and an adult ape, masturbating right there in front of a bunch of families. Ah, nature. . .

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