08 October 2007

Dangerous Running

Today was a record high AND record low for chicago: 87 degrees, taking out 86 in 1947. in fact, it was so hot today that they called off the Chicago Marathon and 10,000 runners didn't run, another 10,000 didn't finish, and 300+ runners are in the hospital for heat-related injuries, and one runner died today. i guess erika and i should have see that presage for what it was, but like all runners, we didn't.

Tonight, LB and i ran 8 miles, and two blocks from our finish line, we noticed 2 kids walk up to this large guy. at first we thought they were just playing around. it looked like two kids playing a prank on the fat friend. but by the time we were a half block away, we realized they were mugging him, and the kid in jean shorts was pointing a gun at him. instinctively, i stopped erika, who couldn't see what was going on--her eyes are terrible--and then we started to turn around, but i didn't want to leave that kid all alone, so i turned around, erika was like, jackson, what are you doing? and i ran over to him, tried to make sure he was okay, and then together, all three of us ran to a main intersection. he called 911 on one payphone, i called on another. officers came, asked us for descriptions, it was all so blurry, i felt so bad for this kid and i realized i recognized him from our walks with zoe, when i saw him before he seemed artistic, maybe a gamer or a dystopic poet, he usually walked around here with a hat covering his eyes, listening to a walkman. as we left, he thanked us, we shook hands. erika was kinda scared after that, but we walked zoe anyway. and then the officer taking notes called us just a few minutes ago and asked us what the second teenager looked like, but neither of us could remember.

i wish we could have been more help. stealing is really the stealing of our identity, which is based on the objects we carry, the way we use them, the experiences they produce and recreate. i hope that kid gets his memories back.

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