30 October 2007

My Political Rant for 2007

Okay, okay, this is gonna be really boring for those of you that hate/can barely tolerate/avoid/don't understand/are apathetic about politics, so don't read this if this is you cuz you'll fall asleep in a pool of your own drool i promise you. . . .

[ ] By scrolling past this point you agree that you are over the age of 18, and have absolutely no life at all except reading other people's political blogs late at night when you should be sleeping:


1. I really like the fact that barack obama, as explained in his myspace political forum tonight, would include republicans in his cabinet. i like this because:

a. There are some smart republicans out there, some of whom are willing to cross political lines in order to make a difference for a democratic administration
b. As long as our cabinets follow this winner-take-all paradigm, this country will remain divided, switching back and forth between politico-cultural polarizations, neither of which will get it right by itself as long as it alienates half of the country
c. I agree with obama's thinking that we want the best people for the job, and sometimes, that's not a democrat
d. People would embrace politics more if they didn't feel forced to swallow 1 of 2 either/or fallacies
e. It's inclusive and syncretic
f. It pre-empts partisan critiques later on
g. Strategically, this makes obama potentially appealing to liberal republicans
h. Though I respect her tremendously, Hilary clinton--love her, hate her--is culturally divisive because of the power and history of her name, and obama's inclusiveness culturally and politically will end up being one of his greatest assets, and counter-attacks
i. Politically, obama will achieve greater success working with congress because it will no longer matter who controls the house and senate anymore

2. That squirrely guy on "hannity on colmes" who is supposed to be representing MY quasi-liberal views, just plain sucks. he never says the things i want him to say to the real dickheads, he wastes his time badgering dick morris over his blatant anti-clintonism when he could be picking his brain about election strategy, or asking him to deconstruct the republican ticket, and he approaches everything like a trial attorney.

3. The conservative party of 2008 isn't conservative at all:

a. There is nothing fiscally conservative about this administration (both spending and deficits are high)
b. The size of our government is absolutely bloated
c. Republicans are traditionally non-interventionists (Ike was elected on this platform, bush criticized clinton for his foreign policy and promised to reduce american foreign policy abroad and avoid nation-building and peace keeping at all costs)
d. The GOP used to be a pro-environment party: the EPA was invented by nixon, teddy roosevelt fostered one of the strongest conservation efforts in history
e. Jesus--the moral imprimatur and archetype par excellence for conservatives--would NEVER justify exploiting nature, defending the death penalty, killing innocent civilians, dumping chemicals into public rivers, embracing markets and companies over families and individuals, invading sovereign nations
f. Once upon a time, conservatives embraced international law and all of its international organs
g. They practice isolationist policies that are disobedient to the same free markets they place all their faith in
h. The bush administration is the most diplomatically inept administration ever, and usually international relations is a republican forte

4. The dem's are trying to buy everyone a coke (get some fucking balls!) and the repubs are trying to out-macho each other by out-quoting Regan for christ's sake! they're both getting on my nerves

5. Newt gingrich--believe it or not--actually published a book recently that embraces sustainable green policies and alternative energy sources. and though he places way too much faith on market solutions to environment crises, and even though he underestimates the power of government to introduce, subsidize and initiate practical sustainable energy policies that give incentives to companies, businesses and states to follow suit, still, for one split second, i agreed with him. it's about TIME A REPUBLICAN EMBRACED THE ENVIRONMENT.

6. I think that pascal's wager works perfectly with the global warming theory. more on that later

7. Where's wellesley clark?

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