07 October 2007

PAWS 8k Race Results

Ah yes, the results are in for PAWS run for their lives 8k race:

Erika came in 474th, with a very respectable time of 50:37, with a pace of 10:11 per mile.
and i came in 191st, with the time of 43:41, with a pace of 8:48 per mile. top 30th percetile.

But really, i feel bad for--and yet also completely admire--sara stellfox, who came in 633rd. dead last. but she should be proud of finishing the race. just doing that is an accomplishment.

A few pieces of humble pie:

The winner finished the race in 21:06, which is LESS than half of my total time. by the time i was halfway though my 3rd mile, this dude was already done.
a 12 year old and a 14 year old finished 7th and 8th respectively. yup. erika and i got smoked by tweens.

For sceptics, check out all the results here.

Tonight, we're going on a nice long run. 8 miles. should be awesome.

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