22 November 2007

Ah Yes, Causa, So We Meet at Last. . .

For my first Peruvian Thanksgiving, I went to Erika's mum's apartment with my brother--que se portaba tan extraño, pero eso es otro asunto del todo--and I finally got my first mouthful of causa, the almost legendary comida peruana that I wrote about last time, and that Erika has talked about with such admiration. And the verdict is. . .

Well, the first bite was a bit strange: it had something to do with the thick top layer of mayonnaise that was coating the papas, the huevos and the tunafish. But I have to say that it tasted really good.

Here are some other standouts for my first holiday that Flower and I made:

1. Vegan meatloaf, which honestly tasted more like stuffing than meat soufflé, but I'm cool with that. I love stuffing.
2. Vegan wheat buns. Simple, soft, slightly sweet, tasty.
3. Vegan chocolate pumpkin pie with homemade crust--first pie crust I've ever made from scratch before.

My brother also made a tasty but oddly spicy puréed vegetable soup that was fresh and filling in all the right ways.

I enjoyed seeing Luis and my brother exchange spiritual warrior manifestos, and the laughter in the Borbor family was healing. I especially liked watching Erika do the flower dance--that's the way flowers would dance if flowers could actually dance.

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