06 November 2007

We Built This City on Rock'n'Roll

I started this blog today for a few reasons:

1. To show my intention to you and the universe to move to Argentina next year, even though I know that sounds unbelievably cheesy and new-agey.
2. To document my move from the USA to Buenos Aires!
3. As a travel blog.
4. As a way to share my new life with my old friends.
5. To touch, infuriate, delight and communicate.

There will probably be big gaps in my postings for the next six months, but as I get closer to leaving, I will write more and more, so please stay tuned. But to keep things interesting for you I will be including my upcoming trips to:

Solana Beach
Bolivia or possibly Chile

Talk to you Soon.

Peace, Blessings,

--Jackson Bliss

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