11 November 2007

Lessons in Peruvian Spanish at a Puerto Rican Restaurant

I went out for Puerto Rican food with Erika and her family tonight. As flower and I ate veggie jabaritos (basically, a tostone sandwich with lettuce and peppers that kept shooting onto the plate), and arroz con gandules that was delicious, I learned some new Peruanismos:

1. If you are close with someone you can say Eres mi causa. Causa is a Peruvian potato salad with tuna fish. Evidently they love their causas so much that calling someone this dish is the equivalent to saying "we tight bitch," but maybe something is lost in translation. I dunno.

2. Flower has a cousin that her family calls "El Mexicano" cuz he says orale as a space filler instead of pues or bueno. Evidently this is really popular in México. Oh, the other reason he's called the mexican is cuz he wears that whole mexican cowboy outfit thing.

3. Pendejo, the Spanish word for asshole or fucker in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, in Peru means two very different things:

One: a smart person
Two, and perhaps related to the first definition: pubic hair

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