28 December 2007

Ah, Socal

This past week in socal has been totally rad. there's not other word for it. here are a few highlights:

1. Trying to surf for the first time--and getting totally worked in the process
2. *This has to be kept confidential for now*
3. Watching the sunset at dog beach with my bro
4. Running 10 miles last sunday, both on highway 101 and also on the beach. now i have an odd "runner's tan," if that does exist
5. Kicking it with leta at swami's cafe, talking for hours on the beach and reconnecting
6. Go x-mas shopping in Encinitas and Solana Beach for the fam, which included:

For my bro: a journal from solo
For mum: tea light candles, verbena soap, candles, massage oil and bath mix, a blue chinese Good luck fish for "peaceful prosperity," lychee rose soap
For LB: *censored for now*

7. Finishing a short story about race, class and power in socal entitled "Neologism." it's about this nerdy, linguaphile mexican girl who falls in love with a greek exchange student and the rich female bully who wants to ruin her life.

8. ah yes, Christmas. some of the highlights for me were:

Sims naufragés/castaway for my DSリット
A thich nhat hanh calender
A dalai lama book of days, one thought for each day
The hotel es vive ibiza compilation by fierce angel
New boxer shorts--can never get enough. holla!
A cornucopia of incense
A traveler's tin of dark chocolate
A rad swami's t-shirt
Some glucose injections for my ass--just playing.

9. For x-mas, my mum, bro and i spent part of the day at san elijo beach, eating yummy food from the cardiff market deli on warm rocks and listening to the waves before i made a sand mosaic with rocks. it was so beautiful it hurts.

So far this trip has been



stay tuned for more details. . .

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