18 December 2007

Españolismos 1

Today, I learned some new Spanish jargon and I hope to use it on Erika every chance I get. This is going extremely boring for everyone except:

People learning Iberian Spanish, people moving to Spain, Spaniards who wanna laugh their asses off, grammarians, and for that, I really do apologize in advance.

But onward now. Here are 4 new expressions I learned today perusing the old dictionary:

1. The Spanish way of saying Do you think I was born yesterday? is: Crees que me chupo el dedo? Literally, "do you think I'm sucking my own finger?"

2. In Spain, the way to say "telling a lie" is contar una trola, which, as I later learned, does not mean "to tell a story about a troll," as I think it should. Are you telling me another story about a troll Jackson? --No, I'm not. Honest.

3. What a bummer is best translated as Qué lata, which I suppose you could translate as "what a tin can" but I'm sure something was lost in translation.

4. Lastly, "boyfriend" in Spain, when it's not spoken by a drag queen, but by a chica, really means kid, guy, fella, bloke. Caballeros y Caballeras, I introduce you to the word chorbo.

Now, let's put this all together in a nice little dialogue so I can remember this shit:

--¿Eh, Juana?
--¿Todavía sales con tu chorbo?
--Ya non. Hace dos semanas que rompí con el.
--¿Qué? Venga! Me cuentas una trola.
--¿Crees que me chupo el dedo?
--No sé. ¿Tienes una fixación oral?
--¿Yo? Claro que no.
--Bueno, no sé qué decir, pero es verdad. Nos separamos chica. No me gusté como me trataba en frente de sus amigos y a él no le gusté mi colleción de libros.
--Que presuntuoso!
--Yo sé.
--Que lata! Estabaís lindos juntos.

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