22 December 2007

Surf v. Snow

Insert riveting Thievery Corporation song and you've got yourself a soundtrack for this montage.

So here we go:

Domer doggie looking FINE as hell

Where's erika's chin?

The last warm day in chicago

I tried out for America's Next Top Car Thief, but I didn't get the part

After we ran 10 miles, i discovered little bug floating away

Bright lights big Jesus

Snowstorm in chinatown

faster than
the smell of

Strike the pose, tree

So quiet ears ring

Tower of Song

Snow gusts when frozen
Snapshots of the spirit world
Thank god for chow funn

The sky above colorado

First rainbow sunset i've seen in socal in years

I remember what you were and i know where you are

Surfing with my brother in cardiff

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