15 August 2007

Light, Mosaic + Archaeology

Erika and i were at café intelligentsia last week, when there was a shoot-out in the fucking street. okay, i exaggerate. what really happened is, this guy robbed some block color t-shirts and hoodies from american apparel, and then he jumped into a taxi, and try to jack, pointing his gun at the driver's head, when an undercover cop pulled out his strap and there was this crazy stand-off, and this happened, not in bronzeville, or near cabrini green, no this happened in the middle of LAKEVIEW, two blocks from belmont street.

I went to my brother's commemoration at grand high school where he built a cob bench and planted some gardens with the neighborhood kids. here are some pics:

Mosaic detail of the cob bench

A hand-made window with the high school entrance in the background

More mosaic detail

Lunch at the new whole foods on halsted and waveland:

Also finally made it to the chicago field musuem. here are some pics:

You know, some people take fasting way too far

Indiana Jones' living room, aka the main hall

In case you can't read, it says STANLEY FIELD HALL, of course,
if you can't read, you can't read it the second time either.

And here are some pictures from the ancient americas exhibition:

And here are some pictures of our stroll through the city:

At the exit of the field museum

Soldier stadium (aka moon over my hammy or the UFO that landed on the acropolis)

Darwin the pimp, and brontosaurus, his lady friend

The train tracks of the chi. . . ironically enough, there was a south shore
train taking off as we walked over the bridge

My baby, growing up before my eyes

They look like gigantic bang & olufsen tower speakers
Okay, that's it for now.
We out:

01 August 2007

American Me

The past three or four days have been a sort of raw tribute to chicago. here are some highlights.

Tuesday, erika and i went to L2, aka, lincoln square. it was hot as hell, but after wandering on lincoln street and realizing that mejer's german deli is fucking closed, which depresses me more than i can possibly tell you since it's been a staple of my L2 visits since puberty, we went and had a nice lunch at selmarie and ate:

A decent (but eggy) sun-dried tomato quiche
A nice grilled salmon wrap
A waxy--and by that, i mean cold--piece of chocolate cake
A plate of heated caramel pudding. by far the best thing in the house, besides the french-Speaking lebanese women behind me or the small invasion of niños in the square

Afterwards, we got some work done at cafeneo where we drank some green tea and i worked on this story i'm writing about a puerto rican chick who has a crush on this elusive boy. it's coming along marvelously and i really like her voice and characterization so far.

Today was exciting. first erika and i kicked it in LP for a few hours, she boughts some orthopedic earth shoes, we spent a long time inside of untitled. i was so grateful that the jackets i tried on were too small, otherwise there could have been some major trouble. yo, my credit card doesn't like to be used like that. he has feelings too.

Then we went to chinatown where we saw:

Chinese people

Buddhas with type-2 diabetes and dancing dwarfs

Large toriis, even though that's not what they call them

Hello kitty window displays that made erika coo like an emerald dove

Large buildings that make you go hmmmm

Gigantic swords, to slay misfortune with

Erika and i went to the greatest japanese candy store in the whole world. a real munchie's paradise:

Here's a look inside our bag:

And then erika bought this for her papi cuz he's into chinese philosophy:

We also ate a late lunch at joyee's:

Here erika is wrestling with her pineapple/fried rice with shrimp and chicken.


The two tamed bubble teas--no tapioka
The action blurs of her chopsticks. when erika eats, she don't play

And then we left chinatown and drove to nochi. here are two pics from our drive through the city:

Ah yes, the beautiful el in the background

It wouldn't the chi without a space-age parking structure

Eventually, LB and i made it to:

Where we went to a cub's game. here's the field from our seats in the nosebleed section:

Is that the umpire or the catcher?

Here's a closer shot:

And the other three important things at any baseball game:

A confusing scoreboard

Bright stadium lights

And the woman you love.

And one of my proudest pictures in baseball history was this shot:

This led a nice double and the first points for the cubbies

And here's my hero shot:

And yes, the cubs did beat philly, 5-4, on a stolen run at the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded. erika and i wanted to believe it was auspicious. of course, all lovers want to forcefeed their own symbolism when it suits them, and most people see themselves in everything because being in love is, on some fundamental level, the most narcissistic thing of all.

But i'm cool with that.

We left, navigated through drunk and rowdy cubs fans, drove to my fave mexican place for veggie burritos and an horchata, and then we headed home:

An amazing day